October 12, 2013

Finally! I just made my Facebook page. I'm so excited because I wanted to step up my game. I wanna be a serious designer already. I feel like I'm ready to accept orders already. So I'm spreading the news. 

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I just also wanna stress out, and deliberately show everyone that today, October 12, 2013, I only have 10 followers. I wanted to count how long will it take for me to get 1,000 followers.

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If you're wondering my banner photo, it's was during the Slim's exhibit where my school project was chosen to be showcased. Slim's has a lot of talented students. I hope that you can also see the exhibits because it would be amazing to see the details of each garment. I'd be biased and say that they were all amazing because I personally see everyone here in the exhibit get stressed out, have no sleep, little time to eat and working till the last minute because Sir Mark, the president of the school, have several screenings to check if the garments looks good.


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