May 31, 2013

Chanel-like jacket for Php 20.00

I love this jacket because it looks similar to the iconic Chanel Jacket. This is the best item from this batch. It has sequins, it's black, the button is gold and it has texture. Actually the fabric kinda look like a skirt I got from F21. So if I feeling extra girly, I'm gonna wear them together.

Denim Jacket for Php 65.00

I love jackets, especially if they look tough. That's why I also love this jacket. It's biker, it's denim,  it has an epaulet, nice zipper, and it has nice studs. I love everything about this jacket, even the length is perfect.

Black Pleated Skirt for Php 20.00

Just a simple black skirt with pleats. What I love about this is that the pleats are not flat or ironed. However, I know that this won't look good on me because I have big hips. If you're like me with big hips, never ever wear skirts like this. I can imagine already that it will look hideous on me so I'm giving it away. But I love the style, though.

Brand new red skirt for Php 20.00

This is what I love about thrift shops. Sometimes I find brand new items. What I mean is that it still has tags on it. Some of the items on thrift shops were factory rejects and unsold stocks.

Red skirt for Php 20.00

Love this red asymmetrical skirt. It looks smart yet trendy.  I'll probably wear this during a job interview for a media company like events, ad agency or magazines, etc. The media industry is more open to letting their employees express themselves through clothes. Actually, I have seen magazine employees just wearing shorts during work. I'd love to work there where you can wear whatever you want. Nice.

Aztec Crop Top for Php 55.00

I love this easy breezy top. I can just wear it with just shorts when I'm feeling lazy or I can wear this to the beach. Very now, very chill.

Leather with studs top for Php 75

Oh, how I love this piece! It's black, it's leather and it has studs! Three of my favorite elements all in one piece!

Sweater for Php 30.00

I'm not really a fan of sweaters but I'm drawn to this sweater because of the interesting and subtle color blocking pattern. 

So far, this is my luckiest thrift shopping experience. I'm so happy and excited to wear them. After searching 14 thrift shops for these pieces, I can say it's worth it.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love this jacket! Lovely blog.
    Laura. xx


  2. beautiful jumpeer!



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