About Me

I am AD, Alyssa de Guzman, an advertising graduate from Assumption College and a student in Slim's Fashion and the Arts School.

In one word, I describe myself as a slave.
I am a slave for art.

Eat, live and breathe for creativity is what I do to achieve my higher purpose; to form a cosmos surrounded by artworks.

During my quest, I have developed a surreal dream of perfection. It is the key to cosmos. So, I dreamed of an eternal chase of the mastery of my craft. Acquire education for greater knowledge and undergo experiences for greater wisdom. All for my higher purpose.

I know that I still have a long way to my higher purpose, and there are  countless competitors and  challenges but I will not give up because of its sole reward: self-expression. It is what keeps me going in my everyday life. Because hindrance for self-expression is killing who I really am.


Tell me what you think.