Impervious on actual.



I just wanna show you the "Impervious" dress when worn so it can receive more appreciation from you. And, so that I can tempt you to vote for me in this design contest I join.

Well, if you didn't know yet, and if you haven't voted for me yet, I'm giving you another chance! You're lucky, be grateful, haha.

Just follow these steps to vote for my dress:

1. Like Ensembles on Facebook.
2. Go to their "Wear my design" App.
3. Vote for "Impervious" by Alyssa Mae de Guzman

To read the full post about the contest, click the link below.

But seriously though, please vote for me.
Just tell me what you want in exchange for your vote.
Do you want me to do cartwheel while drinking soda. Do you want me to slice 20 pieces of onions. Or kiss a frog.
Comment below.


Tell me what you think.