April 5, 2013


So why a fashion blogger blogging about a DJ. Well, if you guys must know, I’m into house music and he’s having a concert here in MANILA! YES! MANILA! It will be held in MOA Arena. It was supposed to be on April 4 but moved to May 15 (Wednesday) because he’ll be having an operation in his pancreas. 

Anyway, as you can see, this awesome hottie is young and just 23 but he’s already the top 3 DJ based on DJ Magazine (check it out here: Djmag.com). He was the one who created top hits like Levels, Silhouette, Avicii x YOU, I could be the one and Fade into Darkness. Check it out: AviciiOfficialVEVO. I also suggest Fire, Summerburst, Level Two, and Jailbait.

What I like about house music, especially his’, is that it’s magical. Cheesy as it sounds, when I listen to these music, I close my eyes and just dream away. Gives a feeling that you’re out of this world; escaping the sadness. So you guys have to listen to him and just escape it all. And, his music is easy, catchy, makes you feel young, no worries at all. I can’t really explain it, so you guys just have to listen to him. He’s the one who dragged me into house music and the reason why I wanted to be a DJ.

Anyway, I’m planning to watch his concert, but it’s too pricey, for someone who doesn’t really splurge on concerts. So imagine how badly I wanna see this concert. I’m planning to buy VIP standing (the priciest and the nearest), and I’m willing to go alone. Geek much?
But in case I can’t go to that concert, I think he’ll be having a gig in Republiq in Resorts World Manila, so maybe I’ll just go there..

So, if any of you, Filipinos, are going to his concert, let me know. Just comment below. Or if you just listen to Avicii, Heart this post away :)
See you there! :)


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