80's kid at heart

January 23, 2012

I’m feeling a little vintage today so I wore this plaid pink skirt with an oversized denim polo and oxford shoes :) 

BTW! thanks Charlene Ajose and Nikita Accessories
Nikita Accessories is so nice because Nike, the owner, gave me two other accessories (necklace, black bracelet) that weren’t really included in the giveaway prize… so thanks! I love the accessories :) 

As you can see in the first few photos, the ground has dark spots, that was actually humongous raindrops. They are literally humongous, but the shoot must go on because I wanna show my post to Nike to thank her :) 

Denim Polo | U2
Plaid Skirt | SM Kids
Oxford Shoes | Shoeology
Accessories | Nikita Accessories


  1. gorgeous oxfords and denim shirt!! love your skirt and pictures!!

  2. loved it, the skirt is amazing:)

    1. thanks Margarida, you're amazing as well :)


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