What's your New Year's Resolution?

December 31, 2011

It's almost New Year! Which means there would be new experience, new adventure and new life!

I bet almost all of you already have listed your new years resolution. . . where you want to have more success, be prettier, higher grades, and most of all. . . the one that is at the top of the list of every girl. . . to diet! Haha

Well, there's nothing wrong with having new year's resolutions. . .just don't let them take over you and be obsessed. There might come a time when you'll lose your confidence and be even more insecure if you weren't able to follow your new year's resolution, because I already gone through with that. . .

This year was not so good to me. . . like my mom resigned, my debut party failed, I got insecure, belittled and so much more. . . and a couple of days ago. . . I was always crying thinking about what life has done to me, and how insecure I was. . . but today. . . as I wrote to my diary. . . I have realize that there is a new year waiting for me, the perfect time where I can have a fresh start from all the troubles and worries I've been through this 2011. . . 

So there's a few minutes until January 1, 2012. I should be clearing my mind from the past as a preparation for the new good experiences to come. 

It doesn't matter if you weren't able to fulfill your new year's resolution as long as you did your best, and. . . you're happy, because that is the most important thing!


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