make your wish come true.

May 7, 2011

Have you ever had a wish that you want so badly that you've kept a picture of it in a special folder in your cellphone, and you look at it every hour just so you can stare at it and day dream about it? You're just so eager to have it but you know you can't speed up the process of having it, so your temporary solution is daydream about it.

Am I the only one who's like that? I have posted pictures on my wall so I can stare at it when I'm just lying down, and I have downloaded pictures of it in my computer so it can play on the slideshow when my computer is idle. I daydream about it after I wake up, when I'm at the bus, when I'm sitting idly on the computer and before I go to sleep. I'm just too obsessed about it.

What's your obsession, your wish that's making you do the same thing that I'm doing? A Camaro? a Canon cam? a calculator? For me, I just wanna to freely do what I wanna do, design clothes with my ideas just overflowing; be recognized world wide for it; and experience the finer things in life, build my dream house with a lazy river pool, buy my dream car matte black Jeep Wrangler, and have a decent walk in closet where my designer shoes rest. Ambisyosa!

I'm literally squeezing an invisible ball in my hands right now as I'm typing. I feel like a furious shaking chihuahua ready to bite. It's always in my head; dreaming about it. I want my dream so badly but I know that I can't have them in a snap, so I have to calm down.

It was like God was actually listening and threw this book at me, and it actually hit me hard. My godparent gave this book, "The Secret, The Power." It was like destiny.

I don't wanna give spoilers about the book. But it basically tells you to change your perspective about things. Live life as if you're already living the dream. And be positive. It's a different kind of approach in achieving goals because it doesn't necessarily tells you to work hard, to use your time wisely, to study, to practice. No not the technical stuff of doing things. This book will show you how you can attract the things that you want through the power of the mind and the heart. 

But don't get me wrong. I'm not telling you to ditch working and just rely on hoping. But it doesn't hurt to try this so called "Law of attraction." 

All this things I said about law of attraction. Basically what it does is your sending message to the universe about your dreams and wishes, and you're attracting it to you. For those believe in science, pseudoscience specifically, and for those who believes in religion, the book explains that it's basically the same principle as praying. And this book explains in detail what we should do, how we should react, what we should feel and what we should think when we're sending out our prayer or attracting our dreams.

Have you read about this book already? Was it helpful to you? Or are you still planning to read it? Comment down your wishes, and let's see in the future if this law of attraction really works.


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