Swagger Shoe Collection

April 30, 2011

 1. Parisian - Blue ballet flats 
 2. Supra gold
 3. Parisian - tan buckled wedge
 4. Confetti- black suede boots
 5. Some Korean Shop- Ribbon+ribbon+ribbon= cute black heels
 6. Some Korean Shop- Purple Pumps
 7. Some Korean Shop- tan booties
 8. Parisian- Black and gold detail (my school shoes)
 9. Brown Fringe sandals

It may seem like I’m showing off (look at the title haha), but don’t get me wrong
Because I am not showing off… well…maybe just a little :D
It’s just that… they make me happy simply by looking at them :D
Perhaps, they can also make you happy :D
PS: I’ll be selling shoes soooon! I am so excited :D


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