December 2, 2011

I just want to show you what I made. . .
This is  a floral vest or sleeveless blazer. . . whatever :))
Bought it form Twenteen. . .And bought it right away without even trying it on. . . and didn't realize that it was too big! And I bought it because I love the print, don't you think? :)
So. . . with much time to ponder about how am I going to alter this. . .I came up with this. . .

BTW Bought it from Twenteen also known as ukay ukay (thriftshop). . .term coined by Yana my friend :) haha. maybe because it's not cool to say ukay ukay out loud haha. . . :)
twenteen is from twenty+teens. . . :)) twenty because you can buy clothes for as low as twenty pesos. . . and teen because we're still teens who loves to shop!
So there. . . TWENTEEN!
Oh and one more thing! I accept alteration requests. . . haha. . .
to practice my skills in sewing (and to earn money. lol)

Beaded Necklace, a gift form a friend when I was in high school :))
Forever 21 ring, a gift also (see it here).

Parisian shoes
Word of the day: Twenteen
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  1. Great style. Love that blazer. :)
    Tell me if you want to follow each other. Nice blog. :)

  2. I'm following you now, please follow me back. :)



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