September 17, 2011

Winners of iheartWAGW contest (September 7-14, 2011):
I just want to thank all of my friends for liking my photo and for helping me win! :)
Unfortunately, I didn’t win :|

But it is more important to know that I have lots of friends who I can count on ! ♥

My mom told me that I should not be bother with what happened. That might just be a scam. The winner might be a part of the plan so they won’t have to give out 10,000 worth of items from their shop…(But I don’t believe her.)
She knows that I really want to win. I even wrote a big motivational reminder, about the contest, taped at my cabinet. 
She also said that she’ll get me as her model for a wedding magazine and she has connections in a prominent organization that is somewhat related to TV networks. She said, perhaps they can get me as a P.A. then eventually become a celebrity. HAHA! 
But… I refused to be a celebrity haha. I told her that I want to enter the fashion industry. I want to be a fashion designer, the one who ‘creates’ fashion. I’ve been telling that to her ever since.
She told me that she’ll ask her friends to ask some Filipino designers (hopefully famous, and a master of the art), if I could work for them as an apprentice… She always makes promises like that and I think she blurted this one out because of mere arrogance.
But after she left the room, I suddenly felt that she actually care about my feelings and she wanted to cheer me up… That is so unexpected because she’s the kind of mom who doesn’t care about what you feel; the type that will scare you to death even though she knows that you’re a coward; one that humiliates you in public, one who cares more about friends rather than her own family. 
But for the first time in my life, I actually felt that she cares for me, somehow. I was really touched with what she said… So I cried… From what I am experiencing at the moment (stress, school works, conflict with friends…), a motivational message like that is what I need. 
That kind of offer is better than winning a 10,000 worth of shopping spree…because it is you, mom, and I did not expect that kind of motivation from you. 
PS: She asked me who do I want to work for? I said… Michael Cinco! ‘The great’ Filipino designer whose designs was featured in America’s Next Top Model, Philippine Fashion week and the man behind Angel Locsin’s gown for the red Carpet… Am I reaching for a star? hehe…
But no matter who the designer is… I hope she’ll keep her promise.


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