on the 18th birthday of a white lady. . .

August 29, 2011

For the first time! I was able to make them pose like this. This kind of poses is very me haha!

The girl on the first photo is Pat. That was a real candid photo because she was really tired after a fun day :) We went to Mall of Asia to Ice Skate and celebrate her 18th birthday with our friends.

Sleepover at Ruth's place(the girl in the right). We watched movies, made home made pore strips by Michelle Phan, and then I forced them to have a pictorial for my blog.

Pat, the birthday girl

Ruthee :)

Hype this on Lookbook!

Thrifted Envelope Bag

Pajamas turned into a really nice pants :)

This is why my friends and I call her white lady, because she's really white, and sometimes scary. Haha. This post is for ya! Happy Birthday. Love you :)


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