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August 1, 2011

As you all know. . . I am so in love with shoes as i have said in my previous post:

I am so happy because i bought a new pair last May! and i only made a blog about it. . .today (Aug 1, 2011) due to my hectic schedule.

But anyway. . . I bought a pair of black strappy heels from "People are People."

This looks exactly like the Michael Antonio shoes I've been eying for, see my previous post about Michael Antonio shoes: "How to make a woman happy?"

Funny story behind this... i'm not really planning to buy this because I don't have money. . .

Me and my sexy sister Redge were just strolling at the mall, and window shopping.

The first thing i look for in any shop is the shoe section.

As I approach the shoe-section...
I can hear the angels are sing, rays of light is shining down that pair of shoes. . .
I held it in my hands, it was so heavenly!
It fits on my feet like I am Cinderella.
I looked at the sole, I saw the price, and was amazed!
It's on SALE!
I took out my wallet, ready to pay for it. . .
But oh no! I only have P100 in my wallet.
My hopes and dreams were crashed!
But wait! what did I saw? A credit card on my wallet???? :O
Oh yeah! My oldest sister, Kate, gave me a credit card, so I immediately texted her that I will use the credit card.
I swiped it without waiting for her reply! haha.
I'm so excited! Can't wait to use it but I still don't know when. :/
I was so eager to wear them . . .so thus, these vain photos. . . .

      What I am wearing:

      *Leopard dress, debut gift from my friend, Lalay
      *Leather vest, Tomato
      *Fringe necklace, SM
      *Sunnies, Aldo
      *Watch, Tomato

Photo Curtesy: Ruth Cancio

Can you guess the price of the shoes? Hint: not more than Php 1,000


  1. amazing shoes ... they look so great with your outfit! :)


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