Ooooooh, You make me so Hot!

June 12, 2011

Summer is over, but it is still blazing hot here in the Philippines.
And despite of the rainy season, It is still 90% sunny!
Thus, I want a new sunnies. . . no! I need a new sunnies
and here's my wishlist of sunnies I am dying to have :D

1. Cat eye Sunnies

Dolce & Gabanna - P6000

Gucci - P15,000
Prada - P13,000
Alexander Wang - P17,000

2. Big John Lennon Sunglasses
      Saw them first from the Olsen Twins

     and Chriselle Lim

3. Baroque Sunglasses
          - P 15000
  So love this. So chic! The shape of the frame plus the swirly arm is perfect!

and my favorite. . .

4. Limited Edition Chanel 5108 half tint sunglasses

probably costs around P45,000.
This one was out like years ago, but I still love it and i think it's timeless.

But unfortunately. . .

All I can afford is this one
I saw this one in an Optical Shop and costs around P2500
But I found a cheaper one in a multiply shop. And it's only P480.
This is not my favorite but i guess I can afford this :D

Kiss, Kiss



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